Bartosz Szymkiewicz is an independent Warsaw, Poland based graphic designer focusing on brand identities, record covers, publications, websites and printed and digital matter for cultural and commercial clients.
Eat Pierogi Make Love!

Branding of Eat Pierogi Make Love! – a Polish bar and restaurant in Melbourne.
– Visual identity, website design
– Client: Eat Pierogi Make Love!
– Year: 2024

Visual identity of an eco-conscious online marketplace for used building materials and furniture.
– Visual identity
– Client: Uż
– Year: 2023
Modfunk "A Journey Through Sound (Selected Recordings 1999–2009)"

Record cover of a compilation of tracks by a Polish duo creating electronic music heavily influenced by the French Touch movement.
– Vinyl record cover
– Client: The Very Polish Cut-Outs
– Year: 2023
Petr Yac "We Have Much More In Common Than What Divides Us"

Record cover of Petr Yac's album. Each cover is unique. The compositions were generated randomly by a proprietary computer program based on predetermined rules.
– Vinyl record cover
– Client: U Know Me Records
– Year: 2022
Belmondawg × The Very Polish Cut–Outs "Sztossingery EP"

Record cover of Belmondawg's remix EP.
– Vinyl record cover
– Client: The Very Polish Cut–Outs
– Year: 2022
Ken Adelman "48 Hours That Ended the Cold War"

Book cover design for the Polish edition of Ken Adelman's "48 Hours That Ended the Cold War" — the dramatic, first-hand account of the historic 1986 Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Iceland—the definitive weekend that was the key turning point in the Cold War.
– Soft cover with flaps, title pages
– Client: Wydawnictwo Poznańskie
– Year: 2022
SEXED.PL Anti-Violence Helpline

Visual identity and layout design of print and digital materials for an anti-violence helpline by Anja Rubik's foundation SEXED.PL.
– Visual identity, posters, Instagram communication
– Client: SEXED.PL
– Year: 2022
Bryan Washington "Upamiętnienie"

Book cover design for the Polish edition of the critically acclaimed debut novel by Brian Washington "Memorial".
– Soft cover with flaps
– Client: Wydawnictwo Cyranka
– Year: 2022
Wolność. Równość. Solidarność.

Visual identity of a film selection (Freedom. Equality. Solidarity.) at Mastercard OFF CAMERA film festival.
– Visual identity, poster, Instagram communication
– Client: SEXED.PL
– Year: 2021